Coach Support Services

What would you do with your time if you didn’t
have to deal with providing the back office support for your business?

Coach Support Services was designed by coaches for coaches and will provide professional tools and products that support your business success. From client contracts to bookkeeping services, Coach Support Services is your ticket to having more time, more money and more freedom in your coaching career.


Coach Support Services

Coach Support Services will deliver your brand to new and prospective clients. You provide us with your company name, logo and/or tag line and Coach Support Services will:

  1. Mail information packets to prospective clients about your coaching services and what to expect from your coaching.
  2. Mail out welcome packets and contracts to new clients. (Contracts have been drafted by attorneys and are designed to cover all aspects of the coach/client agreement. Areas included in the contracts are: client information, what you need to know about coaching, client service agreements, what you can count
    on in coaching, and client assessments).
  3. Business cards *
  4. Individual website support *
  5. Our cost passed on to you.

Bookkeeping for Coaches

Designed to free coaches up to do what they do best, this service will provide your business with bookkeeping support so that you can focus on being with your clients including:

  1. Monthly invoicing of all your clients
  2. Accept all major credit cards.
  3. Bi-weekly reports of open and paid invoices.
  4. Partner with our highly trained bookkeepers to create financial peace of mind.
  5. Optional direct deposit into your individual account.

Only $99 per month

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Coach Support Services

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